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Forigen accent man ask me by my incorrect known name.He asked if I was firmilliar with Publishers Clearning House and tells me I have won I immedietly go on the questionable route and he wasn't able to answer the questions and actually was determined to be the one to ask the questions.

Since this was the case I shared with him that I wasn't interested in the money and he hung up saying just as he hung up well F**K off then. I called the number back @ 10:38 and when he answered it was obvious he has caller id as well due to him saying immediatly look if you dont want the F*****G money then dont bother me and then hng up again. I left well enough alone till just about 4:42 today 1-6-2014 when my phone rings and low and behold it was my DC phone friend. He again brutalized my nema and ask for me by using a name I am not called by people that know me.

When I ask his business he replied that I had been awarded a 2 million dollar settlement and I was quick to share with him once again that I wasn't interested in his free money. He cussed me again and I shared with him that I would now report him to the authorities. When I white pages the number this YMAX Communications is what it brings me to.

There you have it.Debit Cards and Bank Accounts will be changing in the morning...

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