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No one from ths company can be reach. There are no phone numbers to speak with anyone.

WARNING - Magic Jack is a Dishonest Company without a True Live Person to speak with!

Warning - Do not enter your credit or debit card information unless you are sure you want to order this product.

The Magic Jack website claimed the deadline for the free trial was to end June 21st 2008, so in my stupidity I started entering my information. I stopped short of confirming an order; because the total showed that I was being charged for two months at $112.84. I didn't understand how I was being charged for a 30 day free trial; and was going to exit the website. Before I could exit, the website automatically confirmed an order.

I went to my bank website to make sure I had not been charged. Okay a $1.00 that I know would drop off was livable. I called. The phone number was an ongoing phone recording. So I went back to their website and spoke to an online representative who claimed to have cancelled the order. Two days later I went back to my bank website to find that Magic Jack put in two authorizations for a total amount of $172.79. Again I tried contacting Magic Jack, which can only be done online as per another two customer services representatives or tech reps as they identified themselves. These two reps claimed that I placed an order and it had been shipped. No refund or help for me there. They both claimed that the only way to speak with anyone within their company is online and thru email. I know this is a new day and age but this is ludicrous! Per the one of the other reviews, their orders was cancelled but were still charged! This is another form of identity theft.... Order this at your own peril! Below is an excerpt from the last rep I spoke with:

Linda H Johnson: This is truly very unauthorized and I have requested a phone number for your company and have be repeatedly denied

Linda H Johnson: This is truly very poor business practices.

Steph: I understand you, Linda, But we only do tech chat support, I'm very sorry for the inconvenience

Steph: Linda, I suggest to please try to use our product and evaluate our service and if still you are not satisfied you can return it during the 30-day trial and we will refund the amount that was taken from your account

Linda H Johnson: I have proof that I spoke with Sam I have proof that I did not order this item and I have proof that though this was order against my wishes by your company Sam said that the so called order that I did not place was cancelled


Steph: I'm very sorry for the wrong information, Linda but your order has gone through and it is not been cancelled

Do NOT enter your credit or debit card info or you will be taken to the cleaners...without any one to actually help you.

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$19.95 - do the math. But first, I've had my MagicJack / YMax phone for 5 years.

I have NO problems with it at all. You need broadband internet connection - not DSL. It will work on DSL but you will not be happy. How happy do you want to be for $1.67 a month?

Some people live to complain. Come-on folks, it's $19.95 a year.

It will work with DSL if you attach it to a computer that is not being used heavily during your phone calls. I have a 30 meg connection thru Charter and I added an old computer to my network and nothing is attached to it except MagicJack.

Since 2006 the only time I've missed a call was when my internet connection went out - (which with Charter is frequent; but not for long periods of time) - any missed calls are sent to your email address > IF you caller left a voice message. You'll get an attachment in .WAV format.

Talk about wanting something for nothing; I don't think they'll let me go there in this forum. I used Packet8 for $23 a MONTH ... now I use MagicJack for $20 a YEAR !!!

Is there a mathmetician in the forum? If so you have a lot of students. I don't work for MagicJack, I'm retired but not from any telecom business.

What do you want for $0.06 (six cents) a day. Pay phones were $0.25 cents per call.


Jon Rose, Have you nothing better to do but to write a response to 2 year old comments??? How sad!

Our experiences were what they were. If you read the comments properly, you would have seen actual live comments.

For the record, I got my money back by finding the president of the company; and having him resolve the problem.

I am sorry that you are so bored.


you get a year's service including free long distance in the US and Canada for twenty bucks - quit complaining, it's the deal of the century. I fired both my land line and cell phone companies two years ago and now have two MagicJack numbers, one in the US and one in Canada. Couldn't be happier.

Padangpanjang, Sumatera Barat, Indonesia #26652

the exact same thing happened to me, i was checking it, it came up with 2 orders,and before i could close the page it authorized the order, i send a reply to the email they sent, i can back as automated response, i went on live chat monday and caceled, wed, i arrived i went to chat, got bumped to 2 chat people, they said i was liing about canceling several times, i tryed to get and address but just got the po box, i calle dthe numbers for ymax and one is disconected adnt he other is a recording to go to the web chat

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