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they claimed i was going to be arrested and needed a lawyer immediately. I asked him for some proof he was from the irs-ss#, birth date or even who i worked for and he just kept on telling me my address. HA HA I just hung up on him-because of the scam and moreso that...
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Had the very same issue!! Guy was foreign-sounding, and nasty!


but it was from a different #1-916-469-8865 Beware of this one too!!!!

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Some man who I could not even understand left me a message on my home phone, I called the missed number back, (202)-241-2083, the voice mail said IRS Criminal Investigation bureau, could not leave a message, said it was full. Looking at all the other comments...
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same thing hapened to me today these people need to be arrested if this happens to a old person it could cause serious harm to them my heart is still racing.number that contac...


P0wned is absolutely correct, this is total scam and I think the idiots from India have help in the US

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Very Interesting.... I have been having trouble with my taxes and finally mailed out my last installment. I never talked to a person from YMAX, but was left a voice mail. I was threatened with an arrest due my IRS fraud. I visited my IRS account site and saw that...
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I didn't like
  • Allows phone scams
  • Use robo solicitation
  • Uses robo calls
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It's a scam. They are a sales and marketing company. The irs doesn'tleave recorded messages about lawsuits. Don't call them.
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asking me to provide my attorney's phone number about the tax I owed tax and acted very nasty over the phone and that I was allowed to ask question because they are IRS. Saying my driving license is revoked and I called DMV and found out it's completely unfounded. ...
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Something to be aware of if you are thinking about buying a MagicJack. I haven't had any problems using it on an Intel-Based Mac. However, I just ordered my fifth one (the other 4 were for friends out of the country) and the company mixed up my shipping address. I...
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:roll ,Hey for 20 a year ffs yeah i had my share of getting hacked on it but hey 20 bucks a year for calls anywhere us,*** one call cost me 20 bucks from verison :x think of ...

James film //old***biker@yaho

I have tried 4 times to add credit for international calling to no avail. Please advise me on a way to add credit to my account.

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