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I am single mom was trying to get a small personal loan, they scammed me by saying my FICO score was low it wouldnt cost any money out of my pocket, but if I went to Wal-Mart and did money gram after they put $1350.00 in my account send the moneygram back to them this would boost my credit score enough to get $5,000.00 loan. Once I did this they said I had to do it one more time for $1950.00. I thought it sounded weird so I called my bank,... Read more

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202 239 6157 Has called Seven Times through a 3 month period. They have called to both cell phones in my name. I have now blocked them on both. Scam from this 202 239 6157 number say they are IRS looking for you, but they are not the IRS! They want you to call them back to give Social Security number and current address to collect info to use your accounts! They will keep calling with this number until you Block them then they will get a new... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Sep 19
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Repeatedly get threatening calls from bogus IRS treating to claim my assets AND ARREST me! Number is 202 241 6171 registered to Ymax communications

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I had an exactly same call from this unknown NY number today. An Indian lady was threatening me with unknown charges and reporting me to the local police on my voicemail. This is not the first time, by the way, I had exactly the same call last year from the same number, and these people are still around. They are the ones who need to be arrested. What right do they have to threaten ordinary working people? Please do something about it. Read more

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I also received a call and voicemail that said they were from Capital One Finance. When I asked questions they became inflammatory, rude and threatening. I have reported them to Capital One as well as Verizon Wireless. The person had my name and I am not sure if they had more of my information. They need to have charges brought against them and the phone company they are using needs to shut them down. I am concerned that other people will... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Aug 29
  • #909161

Hosts the IRS phone scammers

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These guys are really good. I pay for a service that removes virus from computers and cleans them up. One day I received a phone call from a technician that I'm thinking is from the company I pay a service to. They called from the same exact number so I thought it was them. They connected to my computer and acted like they were doing some work, and after a while they told me that they wanted to give me a refund. I said that I was happy with... Read more

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Foreign guy called from San Antonio, TX 1(210)338~2914. He pretended to be the IRS, wanted my info...let's get real with all the scams out there...the IRS WOULDN'T make phone called, they send via postal mail,ect! I would give him my info but, A)I couldn't understand a word he was saying B)I know how the IRS works (this is why I don't get in trouble) and C) he got angry with me after 2 minutes for not giving up my info and repeatedly told me,... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Aug 15
  • #901191

Someone with an accent called me today saying I had won a trip. I'm a minor so I can't even sign up for those things. They called from 469-250-5823 in Texas. I said that I didn't want it and that they should give it to someone else seeing as I wasn't sure that it was a scam.

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Scammers alert! John ask for you from Jobsite resume and claims to be IRS claims dept. FAKE! BLOCK AND AVOID! REPORT TO IRS SCAM REPORTING. John, IRS Claim Dept, Willing to refund thousands, I gave him yes/no nothing else. no emails, provided my address and telephone from resume (my only info available on Monster). he hung up and I return the call a Indian woman answered. I hung up and file a report with TIFTA. The Ymax provides communication... Read more

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