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Got a phone call from some guy w/ a heavy Indian accent. Said he was calling about a problem with Windows. Yeah, there's a problem alright, I'm a Mac user. When I said I had a Mac he suddenly changed his tune and said he was from Apple Support. Reverse look-up says it's for YMax Communications VoIP, in Watertown, NY (only YMax's website has a Florida address). He couldn't understand why I was shouting for him to take my # out of their system. [Seriously?]. I got a call at 8:45 this morning (similar BS call) and I asked him if he was the... Read more

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  • 2 days ago
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Same as listed below this is ridiculous can't anyone stop these calls it's ridiculous put them in jail Add comment

It states that he is agent carter from financial department and they have a case file with my name and ssn on it and where I work. They threaten me the they will have sheriff on my doorstep with 3 hours to take me into custody . The number is 202-241-2741get in touch with us or be ready I want this call investigated. Please let me know what happens . I am very upset with this matter this is very upsetting calling someone with no legal matter on them . This is bad scam and using illegal procedures as if they were authority . That is so wrong... Read more

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  • Apr 12
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Calling from Hale City Texas? Phoney number for sure. Add comment

This number was used to call me twice last week. They claimed to be from the IRS, and said a complaint was being filed against me for non-payment of taxes. Today they called to say someone was filing a fraudulent complaint against me. It actually, was a robocall, not from a live person. I googled this number to check them out. It is owned by VolP-Ymax Communications. They are based in Seattle, and have no association with the IRS. They appear to be throwing mud against the wall to see what sticks. Don't call them back. It is a scam, looking to... Read more

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I received a call from 607-595-0937 and i was threatened by a man who said he was going to come to my house and shoot it up. He used very bad language and was using a foreign language and he would also change his voice. He actually sounded like he was either Japanese, Chinese or Korean. When i checked the number through the White Pages, the number cam up as coming from Binghamton, N.Y. When they first started calling me, they said they was from Publishers Clearing House from Ft. or Port Washington, N.Y. A woman called and i asked for her... Read more

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I have received numerous of harassing calls from individuals using ymax communications corporation - They are identifying themselves as legal representatives willing to file lawsuits if I have taken certain drugs, or that my Microsoft has been hacked and they want access to my computer, That I have won a federal humanities grant for $6,000 and the list goes on. Usually no one at the other end answers and never leaves a voice mail. You can't understand them. They speak broken English. I am not *** to fall for scam artists.....It seems... Read more

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These people just called my dad to tell him he won 7.5 million and a new Mercedes, he just had to do some kind of crazy money transfer from our local Wal-Mart to a Wal-Mart in California. They went so far as to have him pick out car colors!! My dad called me (thank goodness) and that is when I found this site. I am contacting our state's Attorney General to report. This guy called my dad's home line no less than 5 times this afternoon! Read more

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Notification Chris Matthews ( Add to contacts 11:09 AM Keep this message at the top of your inbox Find Your Warrant Copy :- Officer: - Michel davis Number: - (330) 406 3557 Reason of this email: Registered a Case against You. ( CASH ADVANCE INC. ) LOAN CATEGORY: ONLINE PAYDAY LOAN CASE NO: SPRT-58940 Notice of Legal Proceedings WARRANT ID :- CT186592852 which will be going to release on Monday noon 1 P.M. ATTENTION : This is Loan Officer Chris Matthews From... Read more

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Someone called on a 1 800 number, when I hung up they called back on a local 206 line. YMAX Communication was the phone co. They said they were Microsoft Techs fixing a problem. Wanted money sent to a check drop company in Las Vegas. This guy gets around. Watch for scams from this phone carrier. They pass themselves off as from Microsoft and they are not. BBB has no records of them and only tech support co listed in San Antonio is BOGUS. Address in San Antonio was a Microsoft Conference Center. No technical support. Also would not provide a... Read more

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