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  • Ymax
  • May 24
  • #853389

Called twice telling me the IRS has issued a warrant for my arrest. Thick Indian accented lady whose name was Jennifer something or other American sounding. I told "Lakme" to lose my number and that they were scammers and i would sue them. Phone is registered to Ymax. +1 347-377-8917 Add comment

  • From mobile
  • Ymax
  • May 21
  • #851783

Received scam call from 210-607-8449. You are the carrier. Schertz, texas, landline with magic Mike. This was a treating call. You are the carrier and have been notified. The law enforcement has been informed. A complaint will be filled with the BBB. Add comment

Received another IRS Scam call (from the "Investigations Department") and the caller ID was (347) 298-5217. Previous call was from the "Federal Investigations Department" which found out I had been "performing illegal activities online." (Yeah, right!) Scammer had an indian accent. Twice from the same area code in less than a week. Scammers must have scraped my name and number off the internet. YMAX needs to immediately cancel the account of... Read more

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I had been getting calls from Jamaica 3-5 times a week regarding a PCH winnings of 5 million plus a car all I had to do is send $1500. I told them it was a scam and I did not need the money they always got aggressive and I ended up hanging up. My phone number is on the DO Not Call Registry so I filled a Federal Trade Commission Report then had their Jamaican phone number blocked. Well these are very persistent fellows. They then got a YMAX... Read more

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Got a phone call from some guy w/ a heavy Indian accent. Said he was calling about a problem with Windows. Yeah, there's a problem alright, I'm a Mac user. When I said I had a Mac he suddenly changed his tune and said he was from Apple Support. Reverse look-up says it's for YMax Communications VoIP, in Watertown, NY (only YMax's website has a Florida address). He couldn't understand why I was shouting for him to take my # out of their... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Ymax
  • Apr 28
  • #838007

Same as listed below this is ridiculous can't anyone stop these calls it's ridiculous put them in jail Add comment

It states that he is agent carter from financial department and they have a case file with my name and ssn on it and where I work. They threaten me the they will have sheriff on my doorstep with 3 hours to take me into custody . The number is 202-241-2741get in touch with us or be ready I want this call investigated. Please let me know what happens . I am very upset with this matter this is very upsetting calling someone with no legal matter on... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Ymax
  • Apr 12
  • #828655

Calling from Hale City Texas? Phoney number for sure. Add comment

This number was used to call me twice last week. They claimed to be from the IRS, and said a complaint was being filed against me for non-payment of taxes. Today they called to say someone was filing a fraudulent complaint against me. It actually, was a robocall, not from a live person. I googled this number to check them out. It is owned by VolP-Ymax Communications. They are based in Seattle, and have no association with the IRS. They appear to... Read more

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I received a call from 607-595-0937 and i was threatened by a man who said he was going to come to my house and shoot it up. He used very bad language and was using a foreign language and he would also change his voice. He actually sounded like he was either Japanese, Chinese or Korean. When i checked the number through the White Pages, the number cam up as coming from Binghamton, N.Y. When they first started calling me, they said they was... Read more

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